Moiz K. Malik


I am currently living in Bushwick, Brooklyn. My main project is Nooklyn, the simplest way to find an apartment or roommate in Brooklyn. My other project is Campusvine, a web app that enables students to plan and budget events.

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The easiest way to find an apartment in Brooklyn.


When I was looking for an apartment in Brooklyn, Nooklyn found me a great loft right off of the Jefferson Street L stop. In late 2012, Nooklyn was looking for someone to create them a website and I thought it would be fun side project.

I launched the new website in January 2013. At first, it was just a way for Nooklyn's rental agents to add listings to keep track of them internally and market them publicly. A few months later, I added the ability for people to like listings. Over a thousand people signed up in less than a year.

In July 2014, I launched Nooklyn's Rooms & Mates, a free service to help people find a roommate in Brooklyn. In the 6 months since, Nooklyn's userbase has grown by 600%.

I'm now the CTO of Nooklyn and look forward to releasing an iPhone app in early 2015 as well as awesome neighborhood guides for Bushwick, Williamsburg and other neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Life is good.

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A collection of apps for higher education.


I spent a lot of time (probably too much) in college in the student government. That's where I met Alex. The project was Allocate, a Rails web app that enabled student clubs to send check requests to the student government.

As we were leaving college, we co-founded Heuretix to continue building software for higher ed. We rewrote Allocate from scratch and made it a component of Campusvine.

Campusvine gives students tools to plan, budget and promote their events on a college campus.

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You can find me around the internet at Github, Twitter and Dribbble. My email is